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Working with SAP can be fun, but sometimes difficult.
I myself have been working with SAP for more than 20 years, mainly as a Master Data / Master Data Specialist employee.
And it is precisely the piece of Master Data that is sometimes invested differently in organizations.
Sometimes centrally in a Master Data department, sometimes decentralized.
In one organization it falls under the IT department, in another it falls under other departments.
Of course it will depend on the organization which is the best choice, but I prefer a central Master Data department, which is located under the same branch as the functional and technical SAP department.

What I myself have missed in all those years is a way to share information with other Master Data employees of other organizations.
As a result, you sometimes invent the wheel yourself, while others have already done so.

An example of this are the “Bank Keys” (FI01 / FI02 / FI03).
Almost all information for this can be found on the internet, but never in the format you are looking for and not in 1 overview.
I would like to change this.
On the SAP MD - Bank Keys Page I started with the Bank Keys per country. SAP MD – Bank Keys