Password Encryptor v2.0

Due to the great success of Password Encryptor v1.0, I have decided to make some improvements. Encryption is still done in the same way, but the look & feel has been improved.
Due to the holidays and the difficult corona time, you can temporarily purchase the Password Encryptor for 50% of the normal price.
The normal price is EUR 4.99, but you only pay EUR 2.49 until December 31, 2020.
This way you can start the holidays with a safe feeling!

How does it work?
Actually very simple.
You must enter a master password and a pin code. Both the master password and the pin code are used to encrypt your passwords.
After you have entered a master password and a pin code, you can start entering your regular passwords in the appropriate column. Encrypted passwords will appear in a separate column. When you have finished entering your passwords, copy the encrypted passwords to a dedicated column (use paste special: values ​​only).
You can then delete your original passwords, the master password and the pin code.
Now only the (copied) encrypted passwords are still visible and you can save the Excel sheet.
If you need your passwords, open the file, enter the master password and your pin code, and your original passwords will be visible again.
The only thing you need to remember now is your master password and your pin code.