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About me

Hi, my name is Frits Stavleu.

Born and raised in Leiden and moved to Oegstgeest in 2001.
I started working in 1985.
First for a small company to gain some work experience.
After that I worked for several large companies (internationals).
First as a Cost Accountant for a factory in Leiden.
Here I came into contact with SAP and Excel.
When the factory where I worked closed in 1999, I started at the next company as a SAP Master Data Specialist.
What I could not suspect at the time was that it eventually became my “profession”.
I still work as a SAP Master Data Specialist to this day.
Along the way I also came into contact with WinShuttle.
This piece of software is a great tool for SAP Master Data employees.

In all those years, I have learned to use Excel and discovered more and more possibilities.
I am so crazy about this software, that it even became a hobby to work with it.
And that was the reason to start this website.
I would like to share some of my creations, but also share some links to amazing Excel creations.
You can find all this via the menu under “Excel Fun”.