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The Nachtwacht in Excel

It was about time to put some art in Excel.
I chose the Night Watch, because everyone knows this work.
And because both Rembrandt and I were both born in Leiden.
Now you will probably say, well, inserting a picture in Excel, is that so special?
No, of course that's nothing special.
What makes this “painting” special is that there are 1680 x 1057 cells coloured in Excel.
And in such a way that it forms the Nachtwacht.

I had to make some concessions to quality.
It was either stain less cells or use less colours.
I chose the latter.
As far as I know you can "only" use a maximum of 64,000 different colours (formats) in Excel.
So instead of 256*256*256 = 16,777,216 colors, I made sure to use a maximum of about 16,000 colours.

And this was the result:

This is the whole picture at zoom percentage 70% (4K Monitor)
This is a part on zoom percentage 100%
Here a part on zoom percentage 250%
And finally a part on zoom percentage 400% (Excel doesn't go any further)

In the last picture it is quite clear that it is the cells that have been stained.